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Holistic Massage Sessions For Men

How Sessions Will Work 

In today’s western culture, men feels attacked simply for being men. Women fear of this sacred lingam (penis) as they don’t regarded it sacred any more.


Statistics shows that average male orgasm lasts from 2 – 10 seconds and occurs 5 – 10 minutes after he begins to be excited where as a woman takes 30 min to 45 minutes to be aroused and be orgasmic. It is this mismatch that causes many problems in relationships in the current climate. It's something that isn't spoken about openly in society as we have been conditioned in so many asepcts. 

The reasons for male sexual dysfunctions are due to blockages same as the female sexual organs  as follows. There are many different types of blockages different parts of the body including sexual organs as discussed below.


Male Ejaculation and Orgasms

Over the course of the sessions you will receive a Lingam massage in which I will train you to withhold ejaculation and to move the sexual energy inwards to the body saving loss of vital sexual energy. With each ejaculation men can lose 200 million sperms, which is equivalent to populating entire UK by 3 times. This is a saving of vast amount of sexual energy which is being moved throughout the body to experience a full body orgasm, where by transforming negativity in the body to be more positive, open and healed. When you were born, Lingam and male prostate was originally made of positive, pleasurable cells. Due to various traumas, belief systems, accidents, medical examinations and surgery that you were subject to emotions have stored around your sexual organs disconnecting you from one of the most important organs in the body losing erections, premature ejaculations and making them dysfunctional with many other conditions

My sessions are steam on the teachings from Emotional Detox According to Tantric ideals, your entire body will be massaged. Sessions are 4 hours at a new client special offer that will include having an authentic a Lingham massage to re vitalise your mind and feel pleasure in the body. By having an authentic tantric massage you will learn to awaken and channel your tantric energies opening your body fully and joyfully to ecstasy. Balancing the body’s energy field through tantric practice connects you to your pleasure and helps you embrace a blissful and joyful life. You will feel relaxed, yet wide awake. You learn to breathe correctly, as you sink into a yet more profound level of relaxation. In this very loving ceremony, you will be completely nurtured and pampered giving you a feeling of comfort and a sense of well-being. 

The session will begin by having you resting on your front as if you are falling asleep followed through by receiving a deep tissue massage and Swedish massage then I will turn your over with your legs slightly apart, your knees just a little bent. Your abdomen, thighs, feet, toes, chest, nipples, and fingers are then gently massaged with warm aromatic oil. Nothing will escape attention. Your energy flow is stimulated and your senses are awakened as your body’s sensitivity increases. 


Benefits of the sessions:  


  • This massage helps break down the blockages and to release toxins to increase blood flow to sexual organs.

  • Increased blood flow helps to release more hormones easily, to help stimulate both sexual and brain functioning

  • Healthy hormonal balance help us with protection against many health related problems such as

    1. Memory loss

    2. Back pain

    3. Poor circulation

    4. Decreased libido

    5. Helps to release past trauma and emotions held in sexual organs, increasing the orgasmic potential

    6. Helps with other problems such as

      1. Impotence

      2. Difficult urination

      3. Premature ejaculation

      4. Loss of erection

      5. Painful intercourse

      6. Lower back pain

      7. Body alignment and bad posture

      8. Strengthening pelvic flow muscles

      9. Vitality

      10. Helps with ejaculatory control, which helps men prolong their love making to satisfy women


Many men have suffered sexual abuse in their childhood which they can’t even remember due to dissociation during a frozen state at the time of the abuse. These traumas are the ones that creates the deepest blocks reducing the orgasmic capacity. Lingam – Prostate massage helps to release these traumas and emotions to make you free. Most men experience just a penile orgasms which is very limited in terms of pleasure comparatively to male prostate or male G spot orgasms which runs through your body with limitless waves of orgasms that you would feel in your head transforming all negative energies in the pathway into positivity. Pleasure aspects of the Lingam-Prostate massage is only a tiny part of the transformation. Men become powerful sexually, developing their career, with good health and happiness with improved relationships and being able to find their ideal partner and getting rid of most of the sexual dysfunctions and disorders and many illnesses they suffered for many years and finally becoming good lovers. Above all you will feel younger after each session due to rejuvenating every cell in your body. Lingam – Prostate massage is not a quick fix. It’s a slow journey with lots of patience and commitment.


How Long & Price:  


I successfully help my male clients to:

  • Overcome overthinking and performance anxiety;

  • Reconnect within their bodies and start to feel alive and empowered again;

  • Explore new ways of feeling, improving and mastering their sexual energy;

  • Come out on top of erectile challenges such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation;

  • Drop the grip of porn or sex addiction and find full enjoyment in real sex;

  • Heal pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence, prostate cancer (prevention), prostatitis, epididymitis, neuralgias etc.;

  • Release sexual and emotional traumas that cause feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, fears and anxiety;

  • Re-balance the energy for deeper spiritual development.

  • Build a deeper and more exciting connection with a partner.






For a geuine healing to take place I offer £120 per full two hour session. 

INTRODUCTION: FREE 30 min consultation via phone (audio or video)



Offered in-person in London or via Skype / What’s app / Zoom

60 min - £95

90 min - £110

6 sessions - £475 (60 min), £550 (90 min) - book 5 sessions get one FREE

About Coaching Sessions

Specializing in sexuality, intimacy, and spirituality. Coaching sessions can help identify unconscious issues, patterns, and behaviours and guide to overcome them.

Coaching sessions are a good starting point for people suffering from PTSD to gain a better understanding of their issues and how to approach them. It’s perfect for people with a busy lifestyle who have scarce, sporadic time for self-work

The sessions include guidance, homework, and supervision. 

Please note: coaching sessions always bring better results while combined with bodywork. 



 Individual sessions: 

  • 2,5h  - £250 MEN and WOMEN Trauma and emotional release session (clothes on/off, without genital touch);

  • 2,5h -  £250 MEN & WOMEN Therapeutic pelvic floor and prostate / vaginal treatment;

  • 4-5h - £400 MEN and WOMEN Tantric clothes off bodywork (including prostate, lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women for emotional release and sexual health); 

  • 8h   -  £550 MEN and WOMEN (60min initial coaching session, Tantric session 4-5h, 2 x 60min follow up coaching sessions);

  • 10h - £1200 MEN and WOMEN (60 min initial coaching session, the teaching of meditation, Taoist practices to enhance sexuality, rituals to enhance intimacy, 4h bodywork session, refreshments);

Couple sessions:

  • 4-6h - £400. Profound teaching to enhance intimacy and love, meditation and practices for better sex, tantric or erotic massage techniques. 

About bodywork sessions: 

Techniques used in bodywork will be chosen based on clients’ needs. 

The session may include: Tantric Journey massage, Emotional detox, Taoistic massage, Vortex healing, Kashmiri massage, Shamanic healing, sexual de-armoring, trauma release, empowerment of consent an boundaries, meditation, tantric rituals, work with intimacy. 

My sessions are strongly influenced by non-dualistic approaches in meditation and conscious relaxation. I do not use forceful techniques and clients are invited to make a conscious choice in how deep they want to go into the release. Sessions are client-based and no actions are taken without client consent.


Teaching and supervision sessions

Teaching / Supervision session - 1h - £55-75 

Teachings: Indian Tantra, Tao or Kashmiri Shivaism meditations, techniques for sexual sublimation, sensual massage or tantric healing bodywork. 

Supervision offered for tantric healers and bodyworkers based on a case by case basis.


IMPORTANT NOTE: A non-refundable deposit is required to book a session on a bank account or via PayPal. Please note, I don't accept same-day appointments. 



Traditional Head Massage

The Clothes On Massage 

Enjoy 1 hour and 30 minutes. It's a great starting point for women who want to sample a full body massage and prefer to have a clothes-on. It is also a great starting point for women who never experienced having a massage before. The results and benefits are just as same of receiving an exceptional quality massage. 

What's Including: 

  • Everthing from The Holistic Massage. Some oil may be used during the massage or without. 





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The Indian Head Massage Magic 
Face, Neck & Shoulders 

If you are in a rush and need a quick touch of magic hands for 30 minutes to experience an indian head massage with deep breathing to help you relax, unwind, face pressure point release massage, you may also include neck and shoulders for total relaxation. With your choice of aromatherapy essentail oils.

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