Having A Yoni Massage By A Female Massage Therapist Can Help You

A Yoni message is a pleasurable gift to a woman’s body that must be given slowly and as a sign of love and from an understanding of the woman’s body. This is why many women prefer a Yoni massage from a woman. This way they get an experience they feel more relaxed in and flow naturally with. When a woman gives a Yoni massage, her partner can flow without thinking of what happens or pressure of expectations. Many females prefer a female to perform the yoni massage as they feel more at ease and less vulnerable in the company of a male. Yoni massage is often performed by women, on women, which raises questions like 'Am I a lesbian if I let a female massage my Yoni?'. Of course the answer is no, all types of females can enjoy a Yoni massage without specifically being aroused by female company.

What to keep in mind of the yoni massage is it's about being in touch with your own body and mind, letting go of your anxieties and blockages that stop you from being you. The Yoni massage is a passage to a deep, enriching connection women can give each other either as a couple or individually and in causal or professional capacity. It is an experience that deepens bonds and one that can exchange passion, intensify real love and provide a path to enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

Yoni massage history is closely entwined with the history of Tantra, as Yoni massage is actually derived from Tantra. First recorded texts that relate to tantric practice date back as far as 300CE and are evident in Hinduism and Buddhism.

What are the benefits of the yoni massage? In my experience providing Yoni Massage to my clients, many women visit me to help with:

Painful menstruation : As the massage stimulates the blood flow in the area. Painful sexual intercourse: Yoni massage helps to awaken the genital area, using breathing techniques to relax the muscles around the vagina and allow more relaxed intercourse.

Improvement of sexual relationships: I have worked with many clients to help unlock a fear of intimacy and touch, improve trust, confidence and develop an increase in sex drive. Releasing energy: Yoni massage techniques promote unblocking of channels to achieve a greater connection with the mind, body and soul. My clients feel more connected after a session, with their mind and their body.

Achieving more intense orgasms: Yoni massage creates connection and a balance of the body. The mind is cleared and together this allows for a more intense, 'cleaner' orgasm that can be far superior to anything my clients may have felt before.

How the sessions work:

The Yoni Massage Rejuvenation

Yoni Massage means 'sacred space' is known as an internal massage inside of the vagina as well as the outside. It's a special authentic therapeutic session that includes a full body nourhsing massage from back and front on the body.

The concept of this session is that both emotional and physical tensions are released, giving you more mental clarity, confidence, and connection in your mind and body. In essence, the idea is receiving a deeper sense of relaxation, release of physical and emotional blockages helping you become more in-tune with your body, comfortable mentally, physically and life to work better for you and take away daily stress.

The Yoni Massage Rejuvenation is available after the first session of having The Holistic Massage and The Queen Sensuality Masssge. It's a 5-hour session keeping it budget-friendly at £288.

What's Including:

  • Everything from The Holistic Massage

  • Everything from The Queen Sensuality Massage

  • Yoni massage - external and internal

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