The History Of Yoni Massage

A woman who has discovered her sexuality and learned how to harness her sexual energy is able to draw strength from it becoming ever more radiant, creative, and filled with vitality. She becomes younger and embodies the beauty of life and attracts positivity like a magnet. The yoni is the key to discovering this empowering form of sexuality; it is the gateway to a woman’s innermost core.

Yoni massage or known as vagina massage is now being bantered around media circles and touted by some as a new trend, but yoni massage is nothing new and instead it is a spiritual treatment that has been practiced for centuries in both India and in China for the purpose of healing and empowering women. These practices were once performed in Tantra Temples and the Icon of Yoni’s and Lingam’s is visible at remaining temples. Yoni massage was a unique ancient sacred healing modality to release trauma and emotions.

In the tantric tradition, women have been admired for their power to initiate others, while the yoni is honoured and worshipped as a healing place and residence of the goddess. Each woman is seen as the embodiment of sensuality, as transmitting sexual strength and creativity. This praise of the female goddess and her arts of love is described in Indian works such as the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga, which elevate sexual passion to a spiritual level.

Authentic tantric tradition seeks to connect the worldly and the spiritual, in a interwoven union. In this context, the union between woman and man is a ritual act of fundamental importance. It is an embodiment of the union of Shiva, the male godly principle, with Shakti, the female godly principle, and a reenactment of their dance that unites the polarities of life.

Christianity, with its negative view of anything related to sins flesh, is traditionally unsupportive toward sexuality. This attitude is also reflected in many of our languages and common references, which do not contain any beautiful or loving names for the reproductive organs. We are confronted with these contradictory extremes — from praise to condemnation — as soon as we begin to deal with female sexuality. Indeed honouring female sexuality seems to have faded and with it much understanding and female empowerment.

During Victorian times a form of yoni massage was performed in the West to treat Hysteria. Hysteria means “that what proceeds from the uterus” in Greek. Female Hysteria was a supposedly found disease in women and later removed from the medical records in 1952 by the American Psychiatric Association as it removed all hysteroneuresthetic disorders from the its lists of diseases.

Today we are once again beginning to recognise that women’s well-being and overall physical and emotional health is connected to the health of their yoni’s and sexual vitality. Yoni massage is becoming more mainstream and it’s benefits are beginning to get recognised by more people and professionals.

If you have any questions on the process of booking a , or you’d like to go deeper into sexual healing, please reach out. Tantric Journey has helped thousands of women on their journey and would love to help you.

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