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Feminine Massage Sessions For Women

The Yoni Massage Rejuvenation  

With Full Body 4 Hours

The concept of this session is that both emotional and physical tensions are released, giving you more mental clarity, confidence, and connection in your mind and body. In essence, the idea is receiving a deeper sense of relaxation, release of physical and emotional blockages helping you become more in-tune with your body, comfortable mentally, physically and life to work better for you and take away daily stress. ​

This therapeutic, sensual session incorporates the yoni massage which involves the massage of the whole genital area, externally and internally. I will carefully massage the yoni (vulva and vagina) whilst you perform breathing and sound exercises. ​

Yoni Massage which means 'sacred space' is known as an internal massage inside of the vagina. It's a special therupuetic session that is not a stand alone session. For a true authetnic yoni massage it includes a  full body massage back and front. 


I successfully help my female clients to:

  • Open up the capacity to feel different types of orgasms;

  • Reconnect to their body, sexuality, femininity and sensuality;

  • Release sexual trauma and childhood abuse;

  • Heal vaginismus, neuralgias, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia and pain during intercourse; 

  • Re-balance pelvic floor muscles to heal or prevent incontinence, menstrual problems, fertility issues;

  • Cultivate creativity, intuition, pleasure and spontaneity;

  • Recognise their desires, needs, boundaries and learn to express them.

  • Build a deeper and more exciting connection with a partner.