I'm a caring holistic massage therapist helping women from all walks of life lift off negative emotions. Sessions are ideal for you if you are feeling stressed and you just want a break. Whether you are married, single mother, finding it different to focus on studies, difficulty making friends, chronic pain, whatever your reason, I help women come away from everyday stress, headspace, overwhelm to becoming more in connection with themselves with clear focused, mind. My sessions are bodywork which includes all forms of massage techniques and other types of touch therapies.


I also help my clients find sustainable relaxation and empowerment methods to manage the stresses and anxieties in life. Please feel free to contact me explaining your specific needs 

How It Started


My journey to happiness started with a quest to heal my own body, and the realization that what was experienced as physical pain was rooted in a need for emotional and spiritual healing. In my exploration of non-dualism, meditation, yoga, shamanism, conscious sexuality and different schools of Tantra, I’ve identified the profound effect that states of trust, safety and emotional intimacy have on the physical body. 

The personal healing journey became a calling to share my knowledge and experience. To expand on my offering, I have been continuously adding to my education and skills – from massage and healing modalities to scientific approaches in trauma. 

My main activity for the past 4 years has been Tantric Healing. While working directly with clients, I’ve also been teaching Tantric Bodywork. Presently I’m offering Tantric Bodywork workshops and involved in a number of professional collaborations with psychotherapists, Tantra teachers and bodyworkers. 

What if we lived in a world where we all embody our emotional and sexual intelligence, liberated from shame, guilt or confusion? We can get there by nesting in the present moment, in the here and now.  

My journey started when I realised that my physical pain was caused not just by life's physical stresses, but emotional ones. Shy and being emotionally blocked life was restricted in so many ways. I always wanted to figure out, how did those women make it. By learning to love me and being present (limit my thoughts from past and future) I cultivated a holistic lifestyle and worked on changing myself on a transformational level with the help of clearing myself through massage. My transformation in perspective brings me a wonderful quality of life and so much joy. After my experience of self-development through different kinds of therapies, bodywork, and meditation, I now offer massages from a space of respect, meditation, and love. Massage saved my life many times and it’s still helping me in daily life. My profession is not just a job but a lifestyle. I look forward to assisting you on your path to wellness and awareness.

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